Another New Adventure !!!

The new doll on the scene is Stella by Connie Lowe. She has captured the hearts of so many, including ME ! She comes in a small size and a larger size. At this point, I just have the small size Stella to model my one-of-a -kind fashions. I am sewing clothing for little Stella,  and still taking commissions for my custom made doll hats. 

I show my  small Stella size items on the Stella Squad, on the sale day, which is Mondays, and often other days of the week on the Marble Halls group....both on Facebook. 
I have been making hats for ladies and  custom hats for dolls for over 10 years. You can check out some of these hats already gone ot new owners for ideas for your own doll hat just by clicking on the links on the left of this page. 

All of my items are of natural fiber fabrics, and, mostly vintage or antique trims laces and material. I pride myself on a professionally finished item for an item that will last a lifetime. 

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